By Nna Anulumadu

African traditions and customs which placed enormous values on a male child than female ones in childbearing within a matrimonial home will continue to unleash nightmare on women who could only bear female children for their husbands except if such values go into extinction tomorrow.

The question begging for an answer is when will the black man’s mentality towards placing more interest in a male child over the female change? Women whose husbands are eager or have already accepted the choice of adopting a male child in such situation have every reason to remain grateful to God for their case for not giving birth to a baby boy is closed, notwithstanding that their husbands are responsible for such developments.

For Mrs Rejoices Osunkwor from Umunnochi in Abia State, who first bore five female children for her husband, her case was not different as she faced all sorts of humiliations and verbal attacks in the hands of family members especially her mother in law who once said: “it is better you don’t bear any child at all than five girls”. Also, the husband had severally asked the wife, “will I use my house for Rev sisters convent”? It was also reported that even the sister in law has also called the woman names, suggesting a barren woman is better than Mrs Rejoice for giving birth to only females.

That was exactly the ugly fate the woman was passing through for years before coming to Mountain of Solution Catholic Adoration Ministry (MOSCAM) Nkpor/ Umuoji, Anambra State, in tears.

According to her, she has gone to different places in search for a male issue but all to no avail, adding that the situation shook her marriage to a near collapse until God intervention came from MOSCAM through the spiritual director Very Rev. Fr. Basil Chukwemeka Gbuzue aka Man- pass- Man.

Her words: “At a time, the situation was so unbearable for me because I couldn’t bear a male child for my husband. I went to places yet no solution to my problem. When I heard about how God is favouring His people at this Mountain of Solution adoration ministry, I decided to pray here and eventually consulted with the spiritual director Fr Gbuzue. I told him everything I went through. In response, he prophesied instantly that if I don’t give birth to three baby boys, he will close his ministry and go into business.
“At first, I thought it was a joke. Later on, I discovered I was pregnant. Nine months later, to my greatest surprise, I gave birth to triplets – all males. It was amazing and marvellous in our sight. Till today it was still unbelievable especially to those who made a mockery of me earlier. In short, God is here at this ministry and I cannot thank God enough for this singular gift. He has wiped my tears.

Very Fr. Dr. Basil Chukwemeka Gbuzue, a.k.a Man pass man, Mrs Rejoice Osunkwor and her husband cuddling the triplets.

The Spiritual director Fr Gbuzue who is also a philanthropist to the core last Sunday during child dedication showered the woman with a gift of foreign currencies ( Dollars and pounds) valued at over one hundred thousand naira for the upkeep of the triplets.

Over five hundred newborn babes were presented same day for dedication alongside the triplets.

Interest you to know that over the years and even now, God has been favouring, healing and blessing his people at MOSCAM through His fearless priest Fr Man- pass- man. Thousands of women in need of child have continued to receive fruits of the womb. Those who want a male or female child got it. Many collapsed businesses boomed again. Many sick people have received healing at MOSCAM, while the poor are regularly being taking of at the same ministry. Also, peace has returned to so many families in disarray who pray at MOSCAM.


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