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An Igbo Socio-Cultural Organization “Igbo nineKwezenu” has threatened to drag the Nigeria Police to the International Court of Justice Over what they described as Constant killings of Igbo Youths and declaration of most of them wanted for engaging in non Violence FreedomFighting agitations.

Issuing this threat while addressing a press conference in Onitsha Anambra State recently, the Igbo group noted that they were motivated to Contemplate this action, following their investigation into what happened in 2014 when a group of Igbo youths who are members of an Igboorganization agitating for the independence of Igbo nation of Biafra from Nigeria, the movement for the actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra(MASSOB) now (IPOB) were invaded by the police at Nkutaku Okpoko a swampy area of Ogbaru LGA Anambra State together with other Sister agencies, tear gas, shot and killed not less than a dozen Igbo Youths while declaring their leader one Mr Lotanna Charles Muoka a vibrant youth activist who is a strong believer in libration of the Igbos in Nigeria wanted for no reason apart from his beliefs in Igbo’s libration.

They stated that they gathered that, an attempt by those Innocent youths to resist the arrest led to a sporadic shooting during which unconfirmed sources indicate that more than twenty members of the youths were feared injured while not less than ten of them were feared dead. They added that further investigation from them indicate that an additional re-enforcement from the police and other Sister agencies resulted in more damages.

Reacting to this when Contacted, the Nigeria Police force authorities refused to comment on the matter noting that the issue was an old matter that can not be found in police diary. But a reliable Police Sourcetold newsmen that although the matter is one of the numerous cases that happened between the police and Igbo youths agitating for the separate homeland from Nigeria.

The source noted that the police may have acted on the pulse of the moment when the incident happened in 2014 by declaring Mr Lotanna Charles Muoka wanted in order to answer the question about the incident, although the source revealed that this was yet to be verified. It will be recalled that not quite long ago a group of Igbo Youths who are members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) were killed in cold blood by the Nigeria Security agencies while conducting their meeting at somewhere in Enugu State. Nigeria.


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