The issue of insecurity in Nigeria is growing worse by the day.No day passes without reports of banditry ,killing,maiming and kidnapping across the country.
Some states which claimed to be safer than the others are recently getting the heat of banditry as many innocent citizens have lost their lives in the wake of the mayhem.
Recently in Anambra, a number of security operatives were murdered in cold blood by yet to be identified gunmen in their duty posts and their arms carted away obviously to use them to commit more crimes.
This sad development has really become a huge blight literally setting the hand of the cloth backwards in terms of development and investment.
No reasonable investor can put his money in this type of atmosphere of chaos and blood letting.In the same vein,no economy thrives nor grows in this situation.
We are daily witnessing disruption in academics and school calendars.We see innocent school children kidnapped in their numbers and the nation look helpless.There are many dimensions to this and something serious should point to the way out.
That banditry and the likes have become a huge business in the country is no longer in doubt.Those behind this blood business make it so complex and complicated such that there’s the obviousity that some mischievous members of our armed forces work with the bandits or they are the bandits themselves.
Getting to fight the bandits to restore the country back to peace is simple but why the Nigerian government doesn’t tow that part is a mystery.
All the sectors where the bandits operate mainly have police and military commanders overseeing such areas.Why would they allow their areas of control to be porous and theatre of criminality.
Such commanders and their assistants have questions to answer.
There is great conspiracy of silence going on in such affected areas and until the commanders are being held accountable, disciplined and sacked,Nigeria will never know peace.
That governors and other high profile Nigerians moving with armed escorts are brazenly attacked by bandits or whatever names they are called and go free leaves much to be desired.
An average police and military personnel cannot be adjudged a non professional.
Very huge amount of money have been sunk into the fight against banditry and insurgency and there must be a way out.
The Nigerian nation cannot continue this way.


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