The long awaited year 2022 is finally here with us.
Glory be to God Almighty the new year rolled in peacefully without any problem.
It has become a ritual that we begin the new year with masses and services across Christendom in order to dedicate ourselves to God for His protection and fulfilment of our desires in the new year.
It is necessary to remind christians that as we expect from God,much is also expected from us.We really have a role to play by being steadfast with God by remaining obedient and committed to God’s commandments.
There’s need for us to go into the new year with a resolution which should touch some dark aspects of our lives and make it better.
In making our New Year Resolutions,we are talking about those in authority,in our families,businessmen,market men and women,politicians,students,priests and religious organisations etc.
We are talking about complete change of attitude the way we do things in the country,our homes and businesses.
Over the past years,there has been a speedy decline in morals among the youths.
The situation increased as the social media and easy availability of mobile phones changed the entire narrative.
There’s also a decline in teaching of moral education in schools as well as a general decline in discipline in the society.
The high cost of living has become a great concern for all.Some of the causes of high cost of living are deliberate and man made.We note how hoarding and profiteering have become the order of the day such that it has become difficult to buy ordinary things of life at affordable price.
In his new year vigil mass homily,the Metropolitan Archbishop of Onitsha,most Rev Valerian Okeke told Christians that we cannot thank God enough for all He has done for us in the past year and as such,we should ever be grateful.
As we embrace the new year,may the promises of the Lord be fulfilled in our lives and may it be a year of peace in the country.
May it be a year where abundant food will flood the country so that the lives of the less privileged and those in want will be sustained to the glory of God.
May the new year bring new beginnings into our lives.
Trinitas wishes everyone a Happy New Year.


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