By Ononye V C
The standard bearer of the Social Democratic Party (SDP)Dr Sir Obinna Uzoh has listed 10 key sectors which he said deserve total focus to transform the state.
According to him those sectors include security,infrastructural development which he said is the foundation for transformational industrialisation.
Dr Uzoh said he will support Nnewi,Onitsha and Awka as critical technology hubs and the entire Anambra North as special agricultural hubs with support to farmers.
He said he will improve on the lot of farmers through subsidies and introduction of mechanized farming to guarantee abundant food production in the state.
On health,Dr Uzoh,a renowned philanthropist disclosed that he has established a special fund for assistance to pregnant women,widows,disabled people and people with heart,kidney,lung,sight and spinal cord problems.
” I have also assisted young traders,school leavers and graduates to set up their own businesses through sponsorship of local football competitions, track and field events”.
In an exclusive interview, Dr Uzoh recalled that long before all of the other gubernatorial candidates came into the race,He was in the forefront of humanitarian works,erected churches for the Roman Catholics and the Anglicans,gave financial assistance to some Pentecostal churches and assisted the less privileged.
He also recalled that he erected a 110 hostel accommodation at the Youth Village near Amansea Awka,an indication of his love for youth development


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