By Ononye VC

A police traffic warden in Onitsha,Mrs Kate Okoye got a surprise of her life when authorities of the Justice, Development and Caritas(JDPC) Archdiocese of Onitsha presented her with a gift award in recognition of her dedication and commitment to work on her duty post close to the Onitsha stock exchange facility.The presentation was made at the Onitsha Archdiocesan Secretariat by the Executive Director of JDPC Rev Fr Dr Edwin Udoye who was flanked by other officials of the JDPC.Rev Fr Udoye said the JDPC has been monitoring the zeal and selflessness of Mrs Okoye in discharge of her duty in traffic control at peak periods and therefore deserved the award.The recipient mrs Okoye expressed gratitude to the JDPC for the recognition and pledged to continue to be dedicated to her duties.JDPC Onitsha appreciates and recognizes the good work and effort of Mrs Okoye Kate a police traffic warden who selflessly controls traffic at stock exchange junction without preference to anybody


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