Echoes from the Basilica.

By Ononye VC
In it’s bid to cut down the cost of fertilizers for rural farmers,the Justice,Development,Peace and Caritas Commission (JDPC) Archdiocese of Onitsha has commenced experimental training of farmers in some rural communities in Anambra State on use of human urine and ash to improve crops.
One of the JDPC training officers Evangelist Maureen Odife said human urine contains Nitrogen,Potassium and Phosphorus for well being of the crops.
According to Odife,the experimental stage is presently restricted to small family farms which showed great improve and growth of the crops.
Confirming this development, the Executive Director of JDPC Archdiocese of Onitsha ,Rev Fr Dr Edwin Udoye,said many farms were used for the experiment which showed tremendous improvement on the crops.
Udoye affirmed that when done on a large scale,more scientific and hiegenic methods would be applied to eliminate undesirable consequences.
Fr Udoye said the bizarre urine and ash experiment was developed by a United States based organization which has interest of local farmers who may not have money to meet their demands of normal fertilizers.
He pointed out that the experiment would require urine harvestation and preservation of ash,a byproduct of wood and charcoal.


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