By Nna Anulumadu

The spiritual director Mountain of Solution Catholic Adoration ministry, Ogidi Very Rev. Fr.Dr.Basil Chukwuemeka Gbuzue last Sunday disclosed his decision to distribute food materials worth a million naira to faithful as Covid19 palliatives.

The spiritual director who spoke to the press at his residence stated that Covid19 pandemic ravaging our society and other nations has caused untold hardship to people, promising that his ministry is now ready to feed the faithful who have been seeking for God’s assistance and healing at his ministry.

Fr Gbuzue aka ‘man pass man’ disclosed that the distribution will take place on Wednesday, May 27 at Mountain of Solution Catholic Adoration ministry Ogidi.

His words: “these faithful have followed me for a long time and I am there mentor. Remember that Jesus fed those who were with him for a long time at the wilderness where he preached. We are following the food steps of Christ. The people I am talking about are the windows, the lower income earners of the society. We have already extended our palliatives to the hospitals and motherless babes home. “

“Also before and during the official lockdown in Anambra my ministry has been giving palliatives to the needy and the poor on individuals basis, but this time it will be a general food empowerment.”

“Our this week Wednesday prayers/ adoration would be turned into food distribution. My ministry is now paying back to faithful who believed that God is here at Mountain of Solution Catholic prayer ministry. We are going to share rice and garri to save people of God from imminent hunger. To achieve this I am going to make a trailer of garri and rice available so that ‘they may have life’ ( John 10:10.).


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