By Nna Anulumadu

The Onitsha chairman of the Association of medical laboratory scientist of Nigeria, Anambra state chapter, Mr.Ozowara Bright lfeanyi has stated the need for the members of the organisation to rid the Association of quacks. Speaking to newsmen at Onitsha over the weekend Mr. Ozowara who was formerly the ethics committee chairman of the Association admitted that some quacks have infiltrated into the noble profession especially those operating as technicians under certain professionals. The laboratory scientist said some of the challenges facing professional laboratory scientists included how to totally rid the profession of quacks, raise the standard of it’s practitioners as an essential and indispensable aspect of medical practice, as well as in-house fighting among related medical associations and illegal revenue collectors claiming to be working for government. He however expressed appreciation for the new system of revenue collection being introduced by the present administration of Professor Charles Soludo (digital payment) aimed at checkmating revenue racketeering against government. Mr. Ozowara lamented the manner revenue racketeers purported to be working for government were swindling money out of their members before the advent of the present state Government which is now fashioning out ways to stem the loss of revenue to the government. He disclosed how they attended sensitisation seminar of the government board of internal revenue wherefore all revenue sources to the government would be centralised through digitalisation.They learnt that thousands of money being collected by revenue touts do not get to the government, the revenue that would have been enough for the development of the state, Mr Ozowara stated. Answering questions on the requisite qualification for a would-be professional for medical laboratory practitioner, Mr Ozowara who is the medical director of Mayor diagnostic laboratory at No. 14 John Nwadiobu street Onitsha, revealed that such professional must go through university education and graduate out with Bsc. or Bmls. The laboratory scientist who hinted that a lab. technician should work under the supervision of a professional rather than on his own, suggested that the licence to be issued to qualified practitioner must have the name and the photograph of a practitioner engraved on his licence as effective way of preventing quacks or non professional in the business. The professional laboratory scientist whose integrity is loved by his members blamed the variation on laboratory diagnostic result on non professional, namely the personnel handling the laboratory analysis. He further disclosed how he fought a certain quack to relocation from his former base of his operation around “Our line area of Onitsha-Awka expressway. All the genuine practitioners of the Onitsha Association of medical laboratory scientist of Nigeria, Anambra state chapter normally have their biannual convention where they discuss essential issues bothering on the welfare and progress of her members of which the recent one was held at Saint Andrews Hall Ozomagala onitsha and incidentally featured the birthday Anniversary of their Boss.


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