Rev Fr Prof Bonachristus Umeogu

The founder cum Spiritual director Communio Sanctorum adoration ministry Umunya, Very Rev. Fr Prof. Bonachristus Umeogu penultimate Sunday, posited that endemic corruption is still thriving in Nigeria because the country has no saints.

The director who spoke at adoration ground during an event to commemorate the feast of all saints stated that saints were given to us for our imitation, sanctification and for our intercessions, describing the feast as an opportunity to honour the saints.

He further explained that the fight against endemic corruption wrestling the Nigerian country to the ground can not be won until the country produces saints as their leaders, adding that a leader who is willing to sacrifice everything for his country or for his people can be seen as a saint.

The man of God who is also a dean of a faculty in Nnamdi Azikiwe University urged Nigerian leaders to uphold the virtues of saintly life by being a servant leader, passionate, truthful, displaying honesty, charity, generosity, kindness in their various positions of authority so that they can protect the citizens, provide for them instead of killing them.

“It is time to imitate the life of the saints because that is the only way to make our country good again. It is regrettable that we have selfish people instead of selfist ones in Nigeria. Recently people were shot because of palliatives while our leaders embezzle public funds with impunity, without being shot.”

“In the past, we have saints like Late Nnamdi Azikiwe, Dele Giwa and others who sacrificed their lives for Nigeria. In other words, they are saints of Nigeria because there cannot be saints without sacrifice. Among the saints, there are martyrs who allowed themselves to be killed for their faith in God. The suicide bombers are not part of the saints”.

“In the Catholic faith, we have three levels of saints- the triumphant are those who are dead in our sight but they are living in God’s glory; the suffering saints are souls in purgatory because any soul with a stain of sin cannot see God and also those who who are still living in the world are the militant saints but souls in hell are not saints.”

Speaking on his 24 years old ministry, Fr Umeogu said that not less than seven people who were dead have been raised to life at his adoration. “These people died and we prayed and they came to back to life”, adding that God has performed uncountable miracles through Communio Sanctorum. “So many blind people started seeing here, the crippled started working and even those with Cancer, HIV, diabetes and other deadly sickness have been healed”.

According to him, Communio Sanctorum ministry is so special because it communions with God through the saints and it is leading people to salvation through the sacraments of the church and the word of God and also saving souls through the word of God, describing it as a supreme ministry.

On his reasons for humanitarian services, the fearless priest said there is no gain in deceiving and victimizing people or hoarding what you have because you cannot live on earth forever. “Today so many students both in tertiary institutions and in secondary schools are under my scholarship scheme because I believe in human capital and I am doing it for God”, he stated.

He urged those seeking for God’s favours or those facing great challenges be it sickness, business failures, childlessness, to come to his ministry for a lasting solution instead of consulting the devil and his false prophets.

Rev Fr. Prof Bonachristus, Very Rev Fr John Anosike, Rev Fr Richard Mary Umeike and other priests during the feast of All Saints.


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