Front line PDP governorship aspirant, Dr Godwin Maduka, has unveiled plans on his intentions to create massive employment in Anambra state when elected as governor, come November 6th, 2021.

Dr Maduka in a brief parley with his media team after paying visit to the multi billion naira Chicason facility at Nnewi, says he has intention of changing the unemployment narratives in Anambra through consistent support of SMEs and start-ups in the state if elected. He stated that as a widely travelled person with huge exposure, he has understudied the American and the Chinese economy and discovered that the engine house of their economies is the SMEs.

” 70% of jobs in America are as a result of robust SMEs and this is sweeping through places like China, Israel and Singapore” He says

On ICT, he reiterated his resolve to prioritize investments in the area because that is the future. He encouraged government at all levels to embark on heavy investment in ICT and advised the federal government to toe that line and lessen the focus on oil because of the huge prospects ICT presents and job creation capabilities inherent in it.

According to him, “this is the sector of the future and not even the government can be a hindrance to its growth. It has come to stay and whoever doesn’t join the train will be left behind. Tech and innovation are the only industry that can catapult people from ground zero to highest level of career attainment within a short time.” He frowned at the menace of internet fraud and the unhealthy attraction it presents to young people. He described it as a dangerous trend and charged youths to shun it and instead, embrace the numerous positive opportunities ICT offers.

He hinted that he was already in talks with an Israeli company that would partner with his government to make Anambra the startup capital of Nigeria through portals like e-commerce, coding, STEM, Robotics, quantum computing, artificial intelligence and Internet of things. According to him, the negative ways of making money through the Internet is not up to 0.2% compared to 99% positive ways people can make huge money from the Internet.

Speaking further, he stated how he has developed a blueprint on waste management and how it could be turned into wealth and opined that his WASTE TO WEALTH PROGRAMME will change the narrative in job creation and Anambra state is expected to be the cleanest state in Nigeria through this novel program.

In addition, he talked about the plans he has in the medical sector and stated that the medical city he envisaged to develop around Awka region will employ about 100,000 Anambra youth. “We are thinking of developing the best school of health technology that will churn out healthcare entrepreneurs like we have in America, we will encourage SMEs that has capacity to play important roles around the health sector. We need them to play roles in pharmaceuticals which will be around Agulu area, research laboratories around Adazi, Neni axis.

To him, these things are not political promises, they are simply doable. If a man with big ideas and determination mounts the saddle, the story will change”

Concluding, he stated that the revolution he is bringing in the health sector will be scattered in all the 21 local government of Anambra state. He said he is changing the face of primary healthcare in Anambra state and vowed that his Government will put an end to medical tourism to India.


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