The auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha, His Lordship, Most Rev Denis Isizoh, last Sunday explained that money alone doesn’t train Children but parents.

Bishop Isizoh made the explanation during Sunday evening instructions class held at St Mary’s Catholic Church Nnobi.

According to him, first primary assignment / task parents have is to inculcate sound morals in their Children, stating that alarming rate of moral decay and crime in our society today was possible because some parents have failed in their parental responsibility, thinking that money will do everything.

Money he said can be useful in training children but money alone cannot do the job. “When you train up your child very well, he or she will remember you at old even when your parents are not rich. In other words, guide, and train your wards and when this is done, the crime and moral decay in our society will gradually reduce to bearest minimum

The parish priest of the parish Rev Fr. Dr. Paul Obiaga who spoke to the press shortly after the evening instructions class, extolled Bishop Isizoh for Sunday evening instruction class he is reviving in parishes, describing it as a special apostolate that will increase the faith of the people of God and equip them with sound knowledge of the teachings of the church.


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