By Nna Anulumadu

Sequel to increasing level of moral decay/ delinquency among the youth, prevalent in our immediate society, a women leader Mrs Ijeoma Onwuatuegwu aka Enyinwa last Sunday called on parents to make their wards their closest friends for effective/ better training.

Mrs Onwuatuegwu who is currently the parish CWO president St Joseph’s parish, Odakpu, Onitsha expressed worry that many parents are failing in their parental responsibility because they are not close to their children.

According to her, the jet age has demanded for a paradigm shift, where by parents should no longer lord themselves on their wards, but to bring them closer for better training. Her words: ” this is computer, internet and social media age. Your children tend to be inundated with immoral act, lots of disinformations and deceits via these platforms. In other words, you should be close to them in order to correct them every now, otherwise the internet will swallow them and cultivate wrong knowledge in them.

“Also relate with your wards in a friendly manner ;always engage them in friendly discussions as bossom friends, discover their secret worries and guide them, otherwise, their spoilt mates will lead them into to mess”, she advised.


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