By Nna Anulumadu

Tremendous and remarkable miracles, and feats continue to accompany Rev Fr. Dr. Basil Gbuzue’s Mountain of Solution Catholic Adoration Ministry.

Recently a couple childless for 11 years gave birth to two male twins in the 12th year of marriage after Fr Gbuzue’s prayers. The same couple the following year gives birth to another two male twins and brought the four male issues to Fr Gbuzue for thanksgiving.

Fr Gbuzue cuddling the triplets

Also a couple from Asaba who remained childless for five years of marriage, on visiting Fr Gbuzue’s one of healing Masses, brought a baby – girl for Baptism on 28th March 2021. On the same day, a couple from Umudioka brought to Fr Gbuzue twins – male and female after he prayed for them. The couple had given birth to the twins after fruitless marriage for 13 thirteen years

Another woman narrated how she had still birth five times and and after Fr Gbuzue’s prayerful intervention, she gave birth to a baby boy.

Also a woman testified how she conceived and gave birth to triplets – two males and a female after Fr Gbuzue’s prayers, using Exodus 23 verse 26 as challenge to God to be faithful to His words.

Fr Gbuzue cuddle a child born after the mother had 5 still birth.

Other women who gave birth after prolonged labour and some after having two or more caesarian sections testified how those cases stopped after Fr Gbuzue prayed for them on phone during labour.

Mrs Ngozi Ogbonna also testified how she had two caesarian sections, preparing for the third operation , gave birth in keke bus while she was going to hospital after Fr Gbuzue had prayed and promised she would deliver safely without CS operation. There after, the woman was nick- named ‘Nwanyi Keke’ by entire Gbuzue’s Ministry.


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