The Nigerian nation is presently facing multiplicity of strike actions from various labour unions.
Some of the labour unions are,the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN),the National Association of Resident Doctors(NARD) and the Academic Staff Union of Poytechnics(ASUP).
The Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) had not long ago suspended their nearly one year strike action over unmet demands by the federal government.
There is hardly no sector of the economy that has not embarked on strike action or contemplating to join the bandwagon.
The Strike actions are not limited to federal government agencies. They are common in some states of the federation too.
These Gale of strikes point to inability of Nigerian authorities to take proactive measures to nip such simmering situations in the bud.
While concerted efforts were made such that President Buhari issued Executive Orders on implementation of autonomy of Local governments and the judiciary,most state governors ignored such orders and directives with ignominy.
Even state legislatures are denied the necessary autonomy by the Executive arm,an impunity that makes separation of powers between the three arms of government a laughing stock.
The JUSUN strike where the Nigerian courts are now under lock and key is not only ridiculous but disgusting with so many implications.
The Justice system is literally under lock and key.All litigations are put on hold while litigants are left to their fate or with the option of resort to self help.
With the lingering autonomy battle in the judiciary,Nigerian judges especially those serving under the states go cap in hand to beg for money from the governors.And while governors enjoy enslaving judges by reducing their status and credibility to the level of servitude,it shows really how bad the situation is.It is a pity.
The National Association of Resident Doctors(NARD) strike has technically discharged patients from public hospitals.We could begin to count the huge number of deaths and complications arising from such strike.The medical doctors have nothing to lose,so to say, because the patients would go to private hospitals owned by the same medical doctors who will eventually collect their outstanding salaries and other entitlements when the Strike is called off.It is a dilemma and a double edge sword.
Of course, parents and guardians are toiling it out bearing the huge waste of disruption of academic calendars while the students stay at home.
At this stage,no one knows what strike is coming again tomorrow. Every institution in the country is warming up for strike over unkept promises and broken agreement.
Even the entire Nigerian nation has turned a failed and broken institution where nothing practically works.
This is partly the reason why frustrated youths are picking up arms against the country obviously because of misrule by the ruling class.
Something urgent should therefore be done to ameliorate the rising tide of instability in the country ocassioned by unimplementation of agreements between labour and governments.
Actually, the government while not keeping agreements is not fair with labour.


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