By Nna Anulumadu

The director of Medical Services St Charles Borromeo Specialist Hospital Onitsha Dr Robert Francis Maduekwe. last week revealed that new Covid19 variant is still very much around in our midst, notwithstanding misconceptions about the reality of the virus.

Dr Mmaduekwe while expressing worries that no confirmed drug has been found as a cure for Corona virus, urged members of the public to continue oberving every Covid19 protocols such as wearing of face masks, washing of hands and sanitizing, keeping social distance etc, stating that these are the only sure ways to stay safe..

According to him, not much is known about Corona virus , describing it as an evolving phenomenon. “Even in the country where Covid19 outbreak was first noticed, they still unable to tell us clearly how it can transmit.”

He disclosed that the second wave started from Britain where there was a mutation in the sense that what was simply transformed it self into a new thing. “It means the current Covid19 virus is highly contagious. Based on record, more persons are dying allegedly due to the new variant that is prevalent.”

Reiterating that Covid19 is real in Nigeria, he made it clear that one can easily ward off the virus when the person conform to rules. “Corona virus, even if you get it but you are health conscious, you can survive it if you are the kind of person who goes for medical check-up frequently. Yet, that is where we have a lot of problems because no body can come up and say this is how Covid19 can be treated and because of that, many drugs combinations are being explored and used.We medical experts in Borromeo Specialist Hospital are trying to conduct a preliminary study to know which of the drugs is more efficacious”.

“One thing about Covid19 that the more you test, the more positive results you get. If you don’t have test kits, you don’t know who has it. It is a major hazard.”

“Today I am still preaching the need to use face masks, regular hand washing, social or safe distance. It is true that this protocols may not augur well with some of cultures, but is time for every Igbo man and other citizens of Nigeria take their destinies on their hands by doing the needful in respect of Covid19. If you pay serious attention to wearing your face masks, maintaining a reasonable distance, wash your hands or sanitize it regularly, Covid19 will not visit you in a very long time.”

“The only problem is non compliance to measures because people felt so many lies has been told about Covid19, yet the reality is here with us.”

The specialist advised the public to stop consuming anibiotics in the name of preventing or curing cronona as that has no solution to Corona virus.” As for Covid19 , it is looking at us and we are looking at it. It is really an enyma.”


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