T h e Vi c e P r e s i d e n t i a l
Candidate of the People’s
Democratic Party, PDP, Mr.
Peter Obi, has donated a sum
o f N 5 m i l l i o n t o
Rehabilitation Centre for
Disabled, Old and Tramps
(RECDOT) Ozubulu, as part
of the activities to mark his
60th Birthday Celebration.
H e a l s o e q u i p p e d t h e
Computer Laboratory of
RECDOT Comprehensive
Secondary School, Ozubulu.
Obi, who made a visit to
R E C D O T F a m i l y a n d
RECDOT Secondary School,
explained that it was more
fulfilling for him to celebrate
h i s b i r t h d a y w i t h t h e
downtrodden and the poor
people in the society. He said it
would do neither him nor the
society any good, if he
lavished huge amount of
money on exotic celebrations,
when people were hungry on
the streets. “Anyone who
knows me, knows that I don’t
do parties. How can I be
d r i n k i n g e x p e n s i v e
champagnes in Abuja when
millions of Nigerian youths
are roaming the streets hungry
and unemployed? I would
rather invest whatever money
I have into making our society
better by building schools,
upgrading hospitals and lifting
people out of poverty. That to
me, is more rewarding and
fulfilling”, Obi explained.
Handing over the cheque of
N5 million to RECDOT
C e n t r e a n d 1 0 l a p t o p
computers, 2 printers and a
generator set to Recdot
Comprehensive Secondary
School, he encouraged their
founder, Mrs. Rosemary
Odunukwe, to keep up her
good works.
Addressing the students, Mr.
Obi encouraged them to take
their education seriously, for it
remains a pathway to
greatness. He reiterated that
education remains the greatest
contributor to national
development and urged the
students not to take it lightly.
In her words of appreciation,
Mrs Odunukwe said that Mr.
Obi has always come to their
aid and always contributed to
their welfare. She prayed God
to bless Mr. Obi always.
Mr. Obi who celebrated the
mass of thanksgiving to
commemorate his birthday on
Sunday at the Centre was
a c c o m p a n i e d b y P r o f .
Chinyere Stella Okunna and
Engr. Dr. Patrick Obi.


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