Not long ago,Trinitas applauded the Nigerian federal government on it’s efforts to revive the nation’s railway system.It is generally known that the federal government even borrowed heavily from foriegn lenders to keep the tracks alive.And actually,some of the rail-lines were activated and Nigerians started enjoying train ride again.In our editorial,we pointed out that given the rising insecurity in the country whereby road transportation has become a nightmare owing to fear of terrorists and bandits,it was very necessary to secure the rail lines against such attacks.The recent attack on the trains at the Kaduna- Abuja route whereby nearly a dozen citizens lost their lives,many wounded and unspecified number of passengers were abducted has confirmed our fears.What actually the situation looks like is that having taken over the roads,the bandits are already taking over the rails and may perhaps do thesame on air planes.We blame the Nigerian Railway management for being un-proactive,uncreative,careless and reckless.We also levy thesame blame on the highest security authorities on the land for creating such opportunity for criminals to invade the railway tracks.If it were a sane country,heads would have started rolling and officials made to account for their laxity.The Nation cannot afford to be losing billions of Naira over destruction of lives and property by terrorists and hoodlums.We are afraid that their could be connivance with some unscrupulous security officials to unleash this coordinated attacks on our common infrastructure.We are sad that some of the victims of the latest train attack are distinguished Nigerians who wanted to avoid the Kaduna- Abuja road trauma of frequent kidnaps.The killing of a female young medical doctor,Chinelo Megafu Nwando,brings a huge sorrow to her parents who toiled to train her to enviable heights.So are other victims whose families are gravely disoriented and agonized for carelessness of people in authority.How do we reconcile a situation where our roads and rails are not secured.How do we imagine that such huge insecurity of lives and property would run endlessly and we pride ourselves that we have all kinds of security institutions.It is annoying for Nigerian authorities to file across scenes of incidents to assure citizens.Immediately after such assurances,they go home and face other issues.It is not enough talking on television cameras and posing for questions when the criminals are re-strategising and unleashing more harm on the citizens.It is amazing that upon all claims of arrest of bandits and other criminals,Nigerians have not seen reasonable punishments meted to them.If such punishments are handed out,let them be showed publicly on national and state televisions so that it would serve as a deterrent to others.It is unfortunate Nigerians are today living in great fear.It is an indication that people vested with powers of coercion are not doing their work adequately.It is this obviousness of possible attack on the newly rehabilitated rail lines that is starring all of us on our faces.


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