By Nna Anulumadu

The annual July Novena prayer of the Apostolate of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ has been brought to an end with praises.

Preaching at the Mass to mark the event which took place at St. Jude’s Catholic Church Fegge Onitsha Anambra State, a visiting priest from Republic of Cameron, Rev. Fr. Paul Ezinando emphasized profoundly on the paramount aspect of speaking truth all the times.

He stated that so many people have deviated from speaking truth because of fear of death and material gains, recalling that John the Baptist confronted King Herod and told him the truth by telling him to stop having affair with his brothers wife with out been afraid.

The cleric slammed some people who he said uses the name of God to take an oath in other to achieve their selfish aim, reminding them that Satan is a lier and father of all liers.

In his speech, the Chaplain of Apostolate of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ Onitsha Archdiocese, Rev. Fr. Martin Atumuanya reminded them to be strong in the heavenly race, stating that their July Novena prayer has ended but their spiritual lives continues.

Fr. Martin Atumuanya urged them to be strong in prayer and as well revealed to them that God said,” those who would be stead fast till the end of the world would inherit the Kingdom of God, just as he slammed some pastors who according to him only preaches prosperity instead of ways for salvation which he said could lead one to heaven.

Commenting, the new president of the Apostolate of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ in the Onitsha Archdiocese, brother Casmire Umejiaku disclosed that July Novena prayer is a great prayer which he said church set aside to adore Precious Blood of Jesus Christ in a special way.

He noted that through the devotion to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ revealed that three stages of Novena prayers should be observed ; 1st stage, 9 days Novena to honour Nine Choirs of Angels, 2nd stage, 3 days Novena to honour of Trinity while 3rd stages is 12 days Novena for the twelve tribes of Isreal.

He disclosed that there were numerous testimonies and miracles that happened to some people during their July Novena prayer, just as Mrs Uche Anorue testified that her son fall from third floor building and survived.

Similarly, the President Emeritus of the Precious Blood of Jesus Apostolate, brother Emeka Ochemba described devotion to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ as a seed of Love which according to him induces whoever wants to repent to repent, who never forgive people to start forgiviging people as well prepares one for the Kingdom of God.

He equally averred that the devotion is the shortest way to be closer to God, adding that Jesus Christ said ” He called us in a special way to make the world new so that the backsliders would be stable again”

In the same vein, another President Emeritus of the Apostolate, brother Kingsley Onah said that Jesus Christ himself named 31st July a great day.

He posited that Jesus Christ revealed to them that, 31st July is more important than other days in July, adding that it is a period both Heaven and Earth celebrates Precious Blood of Jesus Christ which he said Jesus Christ gushed on the cross of Calvary for the sake of human salvation.


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