Leading governorship aspirant in Anambra State under the All Progressives Congress, Paul Orajiaka, has unveiled his plan to secure the state under his SHEEER agenda.

In a statement on Tuesday, Orajiaka commended the efforts of governors in the South-East region to tackle rising security challenges by setting up Ebubeagu, but advised that for the outfit to achieve its laudable objective, it must take into cognizance the security peculiarity of the different states within the region.

The Harvard scholar and successful entrepreneur, noted that his security plan will be home grown and will incorporate community leaders and youths since they have better understanding of security challenges in their localities.

He said: “The primary purpose of any government is to secure lives and property. In my Security, Health, Electricity, Employment, Education and Road (SHEEER) agenda for Anambra State, security is not just a cardinal focus but the main pillar upon which my other goals rest on.

“I recognize that our people need all the basic necessities of life including those things that government must provide like good roads, employment, adequate health care services, quality education etc.

“However without adequate security, our people will not be able to appreciate and enjoy these basic things even when they are provided for by government.

“My security plan will be a home grown structure comprising all the critical stakeholders in the state with direct communication to my office as governor. I will establish a expanded state security council which all heads of security agencies including local vigilante group must belong to and hold regular meetings to assess the security situation in the state.

” In my security plan, community leaders and youths will be given more prominent roles to plan in safeguarding the lives of people within their territories. This is because, I believe they know the people within their dormain better and will be in a better position to identify and deal with security challenges in their areas. We need their local intelligence to tackle the security challenges in the state.

” My security vote will be an open secret and will be judiciously used to purchase critical equipment and gadgets for all the security agencies in the state. Special fund will also be earmarked for training and retraining of security officers to ensure best practices while doing their job.

” To motivate the security personnel in my state, I will initiate a trust fund and compensation structure for every security operative in the state. I believe that only a well motivated and equipped security team will be able to stake all to protect the people.”

On the security network launched by South-east governors, Orajiaka noted that each state in the region has it own peculiar internal security challenges and must focus on security arrangements that would ensure lasting solution.

According to him, ” The joint security network set up by South-east governors is commendable since it provides a platform for mutual corporation in tackling the rising security threats in the region. Ebubeagu as the outfit is called, must infuse the security peculiarities of each South East state for it to effectively tackle the security challenges in each state of the region.

” Every South-east state must work out a security system that is peculiar to its immediate challenges. An effective, pragmatic and robust security system unique to each state is the only lasting solution to the security challenge in the region.”


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