.As the Catholics all over world begin the Holy week, Archbishop of Onitsha, Most Rev. Valerian Okeke among other things exhorts the faithful to be more concerned with losing God’s friendship than mere human favours or material favours.The Archbishop in his homily exhorts the thousands of the faithful who gathered at the Basilica of the Most Trinity, Onitsha for the Palm Sunday Mass. Unlike the Pilate who ditched standing on the side of truth and justice for fear of losing favours with Caesar, He urgef the faithful to prioritize their friendship with God and not to base their actions on human respect, which is the bane of those who follow the crowd instead of the truth.

Though challenges and problems trail our lives, they should never make them bitter and rob them of kind, merciful and forgiving disposition towards others. And to be assured of the grace of God, our faith in God should not be shaken and we should never be part of evil conspiracy against our neighbours.The Palm Sunday Mass started with the blessing of palm branches and procession symbolizing the branches placed in front of Jesus as he entered into Jerusalem.


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