The chaplain Catholic Christimatic Renewal of Nigeria, Nnobi Region cum parish priest St Paul’s Parish Ideani Rev. Fr. Dr. John Nnaemeka has urged faithful to always hold tenaciously to the Holy Spirit so that they can be able to please God.Fr Nnaemeka who spoke on the significance of Pentecost Sunday, stated that no one can please God except through the help of the Holy Spirit Who is capable of guiding us and encouraging us to do the right things always, adding that when one lacks the presence of the Holy Spirit, such person ends us doing a lot of mistakes and can as well easily commit mortal sins that only lead to hell. Remarking that church celebrated the long awaited Feast ‘Pentecost Sunday’ on the 5th of June, he described it as a great day in the history of the church( birth of the church )stating that in the Catechism of the church, paragraph 1076, the church was made manifest on the day of Pentecost by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, explaining that the gift of the Holy Spirit ushers us into a new era.According to.him, two major sigficances of the presence of the Holy Spirit is that, it empowers, and also it replaces spirit of fear. ” When the disciples received the Holy Spirit, they started speaking in tongues, because everyone one understand different languages same time and they were emboldened to come out openly and proclaim Christ. Also the gift of the Holy Spirit is different from the fruits of the Holy Spirit. According to St Paul in Galatians chapter 5;22-23, the fruits of the Holy Spirit creates a guarantee for one to make heaven, while the gift of the Holy pushes one to do the right things that will earn him heaven. St Paul also made it clear that no one can proclaim Jesus is the Lord except through the power of the Holy Spirit. ” In essence, the Holy Spirit makes one to be in union with God and that is why Pentecost is sacrosanct. If we can’t operate in the spirit, we may find it difficult to communicate with God. In John 4: 24, Christ said that God Himself is spirit and whoever wants to worship Him, must worship him in truth and in spirit. St Paul further posited that those who live by the flesh cannot serve God and would be deprived of heaven. He called on faithful to embrace and hold tenaciously to the Holy Spirit in order to conquer the world and live in Glory hereafter. Reacting to recent attack on Catholic church in Owo, Ondo State, the Priest commiserated with the bereaved families, and urged people of God to allow Holy Spirit operate in their lives freely so that they fight litany of challenges including insecurity, hunger, inflation etc, facing the citizens of Nigeria.


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