By Ononye VC
The combined efforts of the Area Command and the Central Police Station (CPS) Onitsha have sanitized Onitsha Metropolis of the criminal tendencies and nuisance of Keke drivers and mini bus drivers who flout orders of the Anambra State Government to close operations by 7pm.
The state governments order came when hoodlums used mini buses and Keke to increase the tempo of criminal activities in the state.
When Trinitas monitored the situation, it was discovered that crime level has fallen considerably in Onitsha owing to the fact that traders close early unlike when they used to close late and were waylaid by petty thieves and even armed robbers.
Traders close early to enable many of them catch transport which is dominated by Keke and minibuses.
It was observed that immediately it is 7pm,Keke and minibus drivers disappear on the roads while most of their parks remain empty.
It was also observed that the police enforcement teams meant business as they cracked down on defaulters ruthlessly without compromising the enforcement.
Some the residents are commending the Onitsha Area Commander and the DPO,Central Police Station,Onitsha Mr Ifeanyi Iburu,their officers and men for effective discharge of their duties.


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