Laws,policies,orders and directives are part of the engine component which drive governance. Without firm decisions and implementation of such,governance would be tainted with ugly look of inefficiency and all worth not.
His Excellency Governor Willie Obiano,the Governor of Anambra State has instituted a number of measures in the areas of security, development and infrastructure and we have had cause to applaud him severally.
However in the recent times,we have observed lapses in policy decisions of the state government.
For instance, some time in the past,the the Anambra State Government in its bid to check the tide of robberies,banned Okada commercial motorcycles with a promise widely publicized that small commuter buses would be purchased and given out on loan to the commercial motorcyclists.It was not done.
The young men displaced in that aspect of business worked hard in whatever way they could and flooded the roads with Keke tricycles.
The tricycle operators have today assumed ownership of the roads with rascally and criminal disposition.Many among them are thieves and muggers who terrorize Anambra citizens in broad day light and nothing seem to happen.
The police literally look the other way and indirectly embolden them in their acts of atrocities.
The policy of ban on commercial motorcyclists is rarely obeyed.In parts of Onitsha Metropolis, reports say that armed robbers and other undesirable elements have commenced action without let or hindrance.They snatch from people and even abduct to steal and dump their victims.This is common place.
It is not the duty of the governor to implement policies of his government in practical terms.The Governor has commissioners and other aides who report to him.
Some of the aides have abdicated their responsibilities and resorted to politicking,grandstanding and eye service.
It is not proper seeing government aides running around the social media to please their master when they ought to be doing the proper things to ensure meaningful achievement.
Most of all the policies have failed.The state government policy on decongestion of Street trading in Onitsha rarely works.
Traders and mechanics are taking over the streets while blocking the roads and causing traffic hold up.
We call on the Anambra State Government to firm up actions against all these issues bedeviling the citizens by being firm and consistent in policy making.


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