By Regina Igwebuike

Awkuzu ( Oyi LGA), March 15, 2022 (MOI) Parents Teachers Dialogue (PTD), Mater Dei Secondary School Awkuzu have promised to provide iron railings and protectors in the ultra-modern school building as part of their contribution to the development of the school.

The parents made the promise during the PTD meeting on March 12 at the school hall.

The PTD Chairman, Mr Nwabueze Muotuanya said that the gesture came at the right time, noting that the building needed to be completed for a more conducive quality learning environment owing to the growing population.

Mr Muotuanya explained that the PTD meeting was for the children’s welfare, where parents deliberate on the academic prowess and holistic training for their children.

The chairman also said that the school needed a coaster bus to aid students undertaking excursions and for other activities outside the school, promising its procurement once the fund was available.

The Principal, Rev. Sr. Uzonna Orakwue while thanking parents for the donation, emphasised the management’s commitment to giving the children the best.

“Our students are learning from the best and nothing can stop them from becoming the best.

“Mater Dei is a citadel of learning and we have zero tolerance for examination malpractices and indiscipline.’’

Sr. Orakwue expressed shock at some parents, who did not attend the open day to monitor the academic performance of their ward(s).

She urged parents to complement the job of the teachers through continuous monitoring of their children at home during midterm break and holidays.

The principal also informed the parents that they have three nurses at the sick bay, expressing worries that some students would not go to the bay when sick.

She said that parents who wished to treat their ward(s) at home should communicate with the school officially, enjoining others to urge their children to access the bay when unwell.

The School Matron, Rev. Sr. Stellamaris Ugwu urged parents to stop purchasing mobile telephones for their teenage children, explaining that most characters they exhibited were from pornography videos and pictures they watched from the phones.

The matron while enjoining mothers to make their children, especially daughters their best friends to enable them to be close enough to gain their confidence.

“Please do not hesitate to come to the school once your attention is needed by the school authority,’’ she urged mothers.

Mrs Tina Nweke, Business Studies Teacher said that children were the future of the country.

Nweke urged parents to reciprocate the gestures of the management by being there for their children, monitoring their academic performance, noting where they lag behind and seeking possible solutions with the teachers.

She also urged parents to use their mother tongue while communicating with their children, emphasising that some students could not pass the Igbo language because they could not speak, read or comprehend the language.

Mr Francis Amaechi and Mr I k Oliobi in their separate speeches thanked the management of the school for their untiring efforts at bettering the life of the students under their care


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