A front line governorship aspirant in Anambra state High Chief Dr. Obiora Okonkwo who is running on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party( PDP) on Monday gave reasons why the party should produce the next governor from Anambra Central.
Chief Okonkwo who spoke to the press on this stated that the chances of PDP winning the governorship election is more in the central than in any other zone.
According to him, the best chance for PDP to win is to come from the central where the state have the highest registered voters, followed by North and lastly South. ” If we have a candidate from the central we have chances of winning 90% of the votes.”
Speaking on the reasons why PDP should not listen to the bandwagon asking the party to zone the governor’s position to the South, the aspirant explained that zoning has not been existence in PDP let alone in Anambra state since the current Democratic dispensation.
“PDP has never zoned. Candidates who emerged in PDP in past had emerged out of hard work not on zoning arrangement. Mbadinuju was the first PDP candidate in 1999, and it was out of zoning but pure political that flavoured him. When it was time for second term he ran in AD. Ngige then became the candidate of PDP in 2003 by sheer benevolences of political God fathers and he was from South. In 2007 nobody contested with Andy Uba. He didn’t run because he was from South, he ran because he had power. He became flag bearer of the party.
Then the third person from the South was Soludo.
If there had been zoning arrangement, he wouldn’t have been there. Note that Soludo didn’t get the ticket because he was from South,he got the ticket because he won the 50 aspirants he contested with. 1n 2013 Tony Nwoye ran. Before Nwoye came in there were two factions of PDP. One was Chris Uba led faction. He eventually produced Andy Uba as the candidate of his faction. There was another faction which Nicholas Ukachukwu was entirely in control. He had no contestant in that area. So it was Ukachukwu versus Andy Uba. Tony Nwoye came into the Ukachukwu’s faction. But with financial muscle he got from Arthur Eze, and with tactics and political ingenuity, he emerged as the candidate of PDP.,”
“In this process however I am not running on the basis of zoning, but I am running because I thought about it, prayed about it. I am running because I am qualified. We know the issues and we have the solutions on how to make Anambra great again.
“The things we have seen so far are the things we have projected, analyzed, and solutions we proferred are working out”, High Chief Okonkwo stated.


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