By Nna Anulumadu

The Vice Chancellor Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu University ( COOU)Prof. Greg C. Nwakoby last Sunday charged Nigerian youths especially tertiary institution students to assist in lowering the tempo of insecurity through preaching peace.

The vice Chancellor made the charge at the campus during a pastoral visit of the auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha His Lordship Most Rev Denis Isizoh to the Catholic chaplaincy at the University.

According to him, the youths should disassociate themselves from any activities that will worsen the insecurity situation in the country.

“In this University, we preach peace and our desire is that students should concern their selves with the studies without being part of the insecurity. Let them be vanguard of peace. As you can see, we are starting examinations on the 14th of June and we are pleading with the students to avoid any situation of anarchy or situation that may widen the insecurity in the country. They should continue to preach peace, live it and then work it out by praying and joining the University Community and government in taking such steps that will generally ameliorate the insecurity in the country.”

The vice Chancellor noted that the insecurity in Nigeria is real and fearful, stating every day the media carry bizzer news about the rising insecurity. “It is scaring. The only way to be actually safe in such a situation to be a vanguard of peace and avoid such things that will lead to higher insecurity in the system.

According to him, the essence of government is the reason for creation of states. “Once the state failed to protect lives and property, then the existence of state becomes comical, funny and invalid because state is there to ensure security of lives and property. The government must do everything which a reasonable leader like our president Buhari should do to ensure that there is security in this country; that lives and property are all secured. So once that failed, the existence of states become comical and funny and of no value because we will be left with a state of robbery and anarchy.

“In other words, the government must do everything, using all the facilities, ammunition, all the equipment they have and the devices and systems they know to ensure there is security for lives and property in this country. We never had it this way. We are living in the state of fear, terror where blood shade and lost of lives have now become the order of the day. We do not accept this, we do not want it, we do not cherish this. What we want is peace in the country, around us and within us, so as to develop and achieve the essence of our being. So I want the government both at the States and federal level to tackle this state of insecurity and bring peace to Nigerians”, he pleaded.


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