Very sad notes have emerged on the deliberate, wanton and criminal persecution of the Church by the Daniel Ortega regime of Nicaragua.Recently, a number of church authorities, particularly of Catholic Church extraction, were arrested in a bid to muffle the voices of reason and dissent.In the clampdown, the Nicaraguan national police carried out an overnight raid on the diocesan headquarters of Matagalpa, forcibly taking nine people, including Bishop Rolando Alvarez, for incarceration.Already, the bishop is said to be under house arrest while others are facing various charges. This is not only condemnable but a sacrilege and transgression of the highest order. Trailing this ugly development is the United Nation’s condemnation of Daniel Ortega’s administration described as “a serious obstacle to democracy in Nicaragua”.The secretary general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, has because of this development called attention to the serious obstacles facing democracy in Nicaragua and also expressed grave concerns over the attacks against the Church and civil society organisations.The Nicaraguan government under President Daniel Ortega is notorious for harassment of citizens with his repressive actions and utterances. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), an autonomous body of the organisation of American states, has strongly condemned what it describes as the escalation in the repression against members of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua and urged the state to immediately release Bishop Rolando Alvarez and other detained persons.It is observed that the situation in Nicaragua is part of a systemic context of persecution, criminalisation and harassment against members of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua because of their role as mediators in the 2018 National Dialogue and their critical role in denouncing human rights violation that have occurred in the country.We join the rest of the world in calling for more actions to tame the tiger in human clothing known as Daniel Ortega before he does more harm to the Church and the entire Nicaraguan citizens.The Church, being the embodiment truth, peace and justice, cannot shy away from this God-given role in defence of the weak, the poor and the exploited.The world should therefore call Daniel Ortega to order.


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