By Ononye VC
The 14th of March, 2022, was just like any other Monday but unknown to innocent citizens of Modebe avenue, hell was in the offing.

Infront of a house, there was a cooking gas refilling shop and it was said that the owner of the shop had on the night before refilled some gas cylinders, but obviously, there was a leakage.

The occupants of the house, went about their normal routine as the day tarried but about 3PM, one of the tenants, brought out her cooking stove (kerosene) and as soon as she struck the match, so as to set up the fire for cooking, BOOM, a large explosion hit the air and in the twinkling of an eye, everywhere was on fire: bodies, the house, everything!

The casualty toll was terrible with over 17 victims caught in the fire, and along the line, 5 souls were lost, including a 4year old boy.

It is very sad, that most of the victims were children under the age of 10, not to mention a two month old baby who miraculously survived and a heavily pregnant woman who has since put to bed, whilst still on admission.

The victims were rushed to various hospitals, several of which rejected them upon seeing the degree of burns. They would later end up at the popular MENAX hospital, Ochanja axis where the legendary Dr. Gabriel Menakaya, did his very best in trying to sustain them, and it is to his eternal credit that majority of these victims are alive and healing today, to the glory of God.

The incident and the victims, were left to their case, except for few friends and family who had been coming to show support and according to the Dr,

“There has been no support whatsoever, be it from the government, the churches and organisations. It still baffles me that Senator Stella Oduah is the only one that saw it fit to come to their aid.”

To cut the long story short, the distinguished Senator Princess Stella Oduah OON, quickly mobilized and stepped in to fill this void as soon as she was informed about the incident.

We must thank Ozii Baba Anieto, a social crusader whose unrelenting advocacy not only put a spotlight on this unfortunate incident but attracted the attention of the Distinguished Senator who then instructed her team to reach out immediately and give her first hand report.

The result of that report, is that the distinguished Senator, has stepped in and sorted out the outstanding bill of over ₦8M.

The best part of this, is that the payment is inclusive of all future treatments and drugs of the victims until whenever they’re discharged!

A big shout-out to the staff of MENAX hospital and the amazing Dr. Gabriel Menakaya, who wasn’t just so kind but also gave the distinguished Senator a 40% discount and we pray that God continues to bless he and his team.

It remains the Distinguished Senator’s hopes and prayers that these victims would be fully healed and rehabilitated so that they can go about their normal lives.


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