By Ononye VC
The unexpected happened when the minister of state Barr Festus Keyamo commenced the programme by empowering the Youth with Cutlasses and wheelbarrows in the guise of promoting agriculture.
But many of the youths were taken aback as they did not ever imagine that as some of them are school leavers they didn’t imagine being handed cutlasses and wheel barrows other than working in industries,parastatal or ministries but to be employed as labourers for three months with a stipend of N20,000 monthly for three months only.
Though many were reluctant,they accepted their fate since they had no other choice.
Barrister Keyamo flagged off the exercise with a ceremonial cutting of grass with a cutlass while the beneficiaries watched before cutlasses,hoes and shovels were handed over to them.

One of the beneficiaries lamented that they would not learn any skill with such idea and wondered that whereas developed clime use machines and tractors for effective duties,Nigeria is offering it’s youths wheel barrows and cutlasses.
At a time and age where people use mowers, you are suffering people to cut grasses nonstop to receive ₦20,000 a month.
It is funny that in 2021 the FG bought Wheelbarrows and Cuttlasses as work tools for grass cutters.


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