Sheik Gumi’s Absurd Proposal On Amnesty For Criminals And Confirmation of Ex Service Chiefs As Ambassadors

Well meaning Nigerians are urging the federal government to declare a state of emergency on insecurity across the country.
Abduction,unrest and agitations,extrajudicial killings and organised crimes have become the order of the day.
That Nigeria has almost become ungovernable rests on the shoulders of the political class whose main interest is to steal and not to govern.
With such in mind,all kinds of undesirable elements have taken over the mantle of governance and turned everything upside down such that the reign of bad governance has become unprecedented.
Also,the reign of erstwhile Nigerian Service Chiefs leaves much to be desired. That Nigerians raised their voices as one in calling for their removal and eventually rewarded with ambassadorial positions is paradox !
Another national embarrassment is the proposal for negotiation and amnesty for bandits by popular Islamic cleric Sheik Ahmad Gumi which indicates that criminals,bandits and hoodlums have assumed partnership in governance and can comfortably request how to be treated.
Such absurdity is not surprising even when security operatives know locations of bandits,offer them information and practically sabotage all efforts aimed at eliminating insurgency and terrorism.
Concerns are growing that the country would slide into anarchy if urgent steps were not taken to arrest the ugly tide.
It is shameful, scandalous and abominable that the Nigerian intelligence system seem to have been compromised while Nigerians are living helplessly at the mercy of criminals.
The proposal to negotiate with the criminals shows how low the Nigerian nation has fallen with all the resources and in terms of military hardware and personnel pumped into the fight against crime and insurgency.
The Nigerian state is further complicating the Nigerian security profile when it comfortably confirmed retired military Chiefs as ambassadors. These are military Chiefs who failed in their assignment of getting rid of terrorists now giving Nigerians nightmares.
We cannot be aiding and abetting crime and criminality by negotiating with criminals and celebrating Service Chiefs who performed woefully during their tenure.
Also we cannot be arresting,killing and hunting down a group of agitators and bundling them into jails and at the same time negotiating with criminals and insurgents in a different section of the country.
Nigerian government should demonstrate enough seriousness in the fight against crime and criminality,insurgency inclusive.
We cannot continue like this.


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