The Igbo adage states that the beauty of a person starts at home but transmogrifies to the village square, (Ana esina uno malummawepua ama). It is only a mad man that sets his house on fire and turns around and says it looks so beautiful. Soludo is international we all know that. Soludo is national we saw that with our eyes not because our parents told us. Soludo is local and homegrown we can testify to that.

We have read and inquired with interest the person of Soludo from the good people of Isuofia located in Aguata local government of Anambra state southeast Nigeria, and the record of his achievements both in primary and secondary school, and Uga boys were there for every eye to see and every ear to hear. Those local records and successes earned him “Charly-Nwamgbafor.” We know very well that one of the accolades of our culture is to begin to attach your mother’s name behind yours. Our culture does not recognize a single story’s success. There must be a root from the family to identify the success so we know from the Igbo anthropology that when you are successful you will get the sobriquet and addendum of your family or town to your name. Soludo is a case in point.

The success did not stop at the local level because the record at UNN is there for everyone to confirm and verify. The University of Nigeria Nsukka is one of the few universities in Nigeria that will appear on the list of the world universities if you are privileged to go and study outside Nigeria. Most of the Universities in Nigeria will be appearing in the system as “No match” after the computer system will spin around for almost 60 seconds. Governor Soludo was able to gain admission into UNN and got the best result and went ahead to be a professor of repute at the same University. I do not wish to praise him in this piece but I want to state the simple facts so that the naysayers will stop and look at themselves in the mirror. His holidays were at Fegge Onitsha my neighbor over there in Odo-akpu.

Soludo is our son: we know his parents, we know his brothers and sisters, they are with us here. As a national figure, the Nigerian government has eaten from our son for so long to the point that he was appointed the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and rescued and restructured the fraudulent banking sector in Nigeria and the fear of failed banks has become a thing of the past. I will be writing on this platform for the next four years to record the transformation that will be made manifest in Anambra state over that time. Soludo is a member of the economic team that advised the Nigerian government on successes recorded in the Nigerian economy in early 2000. Why would he not succeed in Anambra? If he does not it means he doesn’t want to because we know his caliber and potential. We voted for him as the Galileans said to Jesus “Those things we heard you were doing in other towns, please do it here so that we shall see and believe too.”

They say he has started doing it already but the people are fighting back. No problem in the Anambra state will be greater than Soludo. You remember what the tortoise said: having swum in the ocean, the sea, and the rivers, he would not be drowned in somebody’s soup pot. All the necessary apparatus and apparatchik for survival are there for the governor to use. As we say in local English, “Success for him is a sure-banker.” We have heard the stories about how some groups of people do not want him to succeed as the governor of the CBN and what happened? He succeeded to the extent that they wanted to retain him as the governor for the second term. In a battle of warriors, he came back with a lot of heads, as David did to the philistines. Now it is time to govern kith and kins.

We should not watch from the fence when our brother is waging a war. We owe him a duty of support, called fiduciary, which means we must necessarily support him to win the war. To govern Anambra state in this generation is more laborious than to govern the whole of Nigeria. One of the many problems is the predominancy of fake news in the local markets in Anambra. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin are all means of communication that will feed you the garbage you do not need. We should always verify the news we hearabout our governor and allow him to explain his side of the story. I do not subscribe to the position of giving him a free pass in everything he is doing. As a professor I expect him to carry the people along and as of today, I can vouch for him in the area of messaging and public awareness. His Facebook page is always active with day-to-day pieces of information and updates.

Do not stand by the fence and watch this government.We can do a lot by giving advice constructively. Helping the poor start businesses and telling the government the areas that need immediate attention. Soludo cannot be in Onitsha and Nnewi at the same time. He doesn’t have the gift of ubiquity. I will conclude with the local leadership technique of our people that is based on the principle of paainginformation on to the king makes the king the best king (Anutaakalu Eze buna Eze ana-achika).


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