Ahead of the November 6 governorship election in Anambra State, the Federal Government has threatened to declare a state of emergency if the security situation in the state does not improve.
The Attorney General of the Federation, AGF, and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami stated this while fielding questions from State House correspondents at the end of the virtual Federal Executive Council, FEC, meeting presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.
The Minister said that government has the responsibility to sustain the democratic order and will do the needful in terms of ensuring that the election holds.
He, however, said that nobody should rule out any possibility including the declaration of a state of emergency in the state.
We do not blame the Attorney General of the federation for holding such opinion.His opinion was probably informed by the negative security reports coming from the South East which of course have taken the centre stage in Anambra such that among many other violences,killings and banditry,a high profile personality like Dr Chike Akunyili was murdered in a most bizarre circumstances.
This adds to the fact that the IPOB a non state actor is dishing out orders and enforcing weekly sit at home orders and countering government directives to the citizens and threatening to stop the governorship elections.
Indeed,we are faced with a serious dilemma which has to be resolved without further delay.
Without prejudice to the statement of intent made by the honourable Attorney General of the federation,we do not think that invoking the constitutional state of emergency is proper at this moment.
It is even worrisome that it is tied to the forthcoming Anambra gubernatorial election.
The question on the lips of some stakeholders in Anambra is,how does an emergency rule guarantee free and fair election when in the actual sense,under emergency,the rights of the people are out in abeyance or completely circumscribed.
If nothing else,emergency rule as the name implies entails total elimination of democratic norms.
Another question is whether the banditry, insurgency and wanton killings in the Northern parts of Nigeria,the middle belt and parts of the West are different from what is happening in Anambra such that they do not deserve emergency rule.
We wish to promptly ask whether the federal authorities have tried many other options of crime prevention such that emergency rule is considered best.There are many other questions begging for answers.
However,there’s an Igbo adage which says that whoever bought ant infested wood,invited the lizards.
The issue at hand concerning the proposed emergency rule is the consequence of IPOB’s seeming mismanagement of the struggle it started peacefully.
It would appear that the struggle has been hijacked as all kinds of hoodlooms hiding under the umbrella of IPOB are unleashing mayhem on thesame people they are assumedly fighting for.
At this point in time,we call for a truce and for all stakeholders to meet and avert the proposed emergency rule by the federal government.
A true picture of the facts on ground should be placed on the table instead of exeggerated scenario of the facts on ground.
In our opinion, there’s no genuine grounds for the proposed emergency rule in Anambra state.
We urge and as well appeal to authorities of the federal government to spare Anambrarians the pains and Uncertainties of emergency rule.


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