By Nna Anulumadu

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Onitsha Most Rev. Valerian M. Okeke last Sunday disclosed that St Charles Borromeo Specialist Hospital Onitsha has attained international standards in respect of quality health care delivery.

The prelate said this at St Dominic parish Abatete while commending Hungarian medical team who are currently offering free medical services at the hospital.He further disclosed that several medical tests/examinations conducted at St Charles Borromeo Specialist Hospital Onitsha when sent overseas were returned as accurate result as earlier discovered by the Borromeo hospital laboratory.

In a special way, he thanked the Hungarian medical missionaries for their humanitarian services to Nigerians, especially in Onitsha Archdiocese.

The Chief Executive Officer of the hospital Rev. Fr. Dr.Izunna Okonkwo who spoke to the press said the Hungarians medical missionaries are currently in Nigeria precisely in Onitsha Archdiocese, assisting people in different ways.

“This time around they are here to conduct outreach. They are currently attending to patients, offering them free laboratory tests, screening, evaluation, examination, free medication. So far they have attended to over 1,500 patients for free. In St Charles Borromeo Specialist Hospital, they have done a good number of neurosurgical procedures free of charge. Today in Nigeria neurosurgical procedures can cost between three million naira and five million naira per patient depending on the case but they are doing all these free. We are very happy to have them in our midst. We cannot thank the Archbishop of Onitsha Most Rev Valerian Okeke enough who is the Chief host of the Hungarian medical missionaries”

The CEO revealed that in the coming days, Onitsha Archdiocese will receive two senior staff of prime minister of Hungary, adding that after that, the Hungarian Ambassador to Nigeria will visit St Charles Borromeo Specialist Hospital Onitsha together with his economic Chancellor because of our collaboration with them.

“Right, now they sponsoring a very gigantic four storey building in College of Nursing, St Charles Borromeo Specialist Hospital Onitsha and they are also funding different projects in the Archdiocese such as motherless babies home, orphanage home within the Archdiocese of Onitsha. They are also assisting in payment of indigent students tuition fees within and outside Onitsha Archdiocese.”

Fr. Izunna further called on Anambrarians to come out emass to benefit from generosity of free will of Hungarians medical missionaries who are right now in our midst because of the paucity of Nigerian medical services. “It will interest you to know that one of the missions of the Archbishop is to see that Nigerians may not have the need to travel abroad before they can receive all kinds of quality health care services. It is very difficult to go abroad to receive health care services hence, the determination of the Archbishop to ensure quality health care services are available and accessible in Nigeria.


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