Stop The Wanton Politically Motivated Killings Now

There is great fear and outrage across the land that Anambra state may have returned to the dark days of political brigandage, thuggery and wanton killings of innocent citizens as the November 6 governorship election draws near.
Reports are rife that gunmen have literally taken over the streets as people live in great fear of being killed unwantonly while a good number have been sent to their untimely graves for no just cause.
The air of insecurity in Anambra state is palpable such that the deaf,the dumb and the blind can feel it.
Governor Willie Obiano had in a state wide broadcast acknowledged the wide spread political violence across the state especially in Onitsha,Nkpor,Oko and Obosi.
Reports say gun men during the week,went on rampage on two locations in the state,killing two persons and wounding many at APC rally and setting ablaze a car belonging to a leader of Professor Chukwuma Soludo of APGA group,Mr Nelson Omenugha.
While the attack on APC took place during the party’s rally at Uruagu,Nnewi,the attack on leader of Professor Soludo’s aide occured at Nnobi in Idemili South local government area.
Many other political violence have been going on without being reported.
As if adding salt to injury,we received shortly before going to press,the dastardly,heinous and heartbreaking murder at Nkpor near Onitsha,of the assassination of Dr Chike Akunyili,the widower of the late NAFDAC boss and former minister,the late Professor Dora Akunyili.
The cold blooded murder of Dr Chike Akunyili, whether politically motivated or not casts a very dark shadow on the image of the state and the Nigerian nation in general.
We condemn strongly the,the senseless killings and brutalization of our own brothers and sisters in the quest to acquire power by all means.
Symptoms of the present festering violence manifested during the political parties Primary elections when party structures were hijacked by some power drunk politicians thus disenfranchised many genuine candidates from contesting.A lot of the aspirants were fleeced of huge sums of money and disqualified without giving them the opportunity of free and fair Primary election/contest.
The situation generated bitterness and tension across the state such that multiple litigations prompted procurement of injunctions and Orders outside the jurisdiction of the state.
We observe that the desperation to “win”the Anambra gubernatorial race is the strong reason why the gale of defections is high at this point in time thus putting everyone in harm’s way.
We call on all stakeholders especially leaders of political parties in the state to convene an urgent meeting to stem the ugly development.
No state or country thrives in a violent environment.
We commend the Anambra state governor Sir Willie Obiano for his prompt response to the situation.
We also commend the Anambra State Commissioner of Police for his assurances and directive to the various political parties to submit their campaign schedule to enable the police to monitor and maintain law and Order.
The wanton politically motivated killings and violence must stop if we must continue to live like humans.
Our youths who are hired to perpetrate these heinous crimes should think twice and not allow wicked politicians to use them to shed the blood of the innocent because there are grave consequences for such.
A stich in time,saves nine.


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