We do not want to look the other way while a serious issue borthering citizens of the state is starring everyone on the face.We recall that the teachers recruitment excercise was started by the Obiano administration towards the end of his tenure.About 1000 PTA part-time teachers were recruited among them to fill up the gap created by long period of shortage of teachers across the state.The recruitment excercise was considerably organised as there was no noise about it.While concluding the excercise,some of the recruited teachers were issued with employment letters.It was surprising that few weeks after the inception of Soludo’s administration,the newly recruited teachers were sacked on the allegation that they were not qualified.The sack generated negative reactions including demonstrations by affected teachers who felt maltreated and shortchanged after voluntary services to the state.As a consequence,the state government initiated fresh Computer Based Test (CBT)examination for over 35,000 candidates eager to go into the teaching profession.This staggering number became unwieldy and unmanageable.As a result,one thing led to the other,including calling for the removal of the state Commissioner for Education.It is our considered view that the state government made some mistakes over this matter.They should have respected the initial excercise done by the Obiano administration having been concluded,signed and sealed by competent authorities in thesame APGA government.If in doubt,the government should have re-examined the already recruited ones to be doubly sure they were actually qualified.We also expected that as the state government projected recruiting 5000 teachers that the balance of 4000 teachers would be examined in manageable batches until the entire process is exhausted.However,what transpired at the various examination centres that has elicited criticisms, name callings and calls for sack of the commissioner is in bad faith and deliberately spinned to cause confusion and bad blood.We see an attempt to blackmail the commissioner for reacting and responding correspondingly to an unruly candidate who instead of facing her examination,called the commissioner in a disrespectful manner to address her.The fact that the telephone conversation between the commissioner and the candidate was recorded and posted on-line and made to go viral, indicates the intent of the candidate to deliberately embarrass,blackmail, ridicule and insult the commissioner and the state governor.That is reprehensible.Generally,our society, particularly the youths are becoming incurably indisciplined.Our youths are so much in a hurry to get whatever they desire.There’s no culture of queueing in public places.There’s also a growing culture of internet bullying and hate speeches on the social media.In all,the entire excercise is aimed at giving jobs to the candidates who must prove their capabilities in their chosen profession.This they must do through competency test as prescribed by government.The state government particularly the state Commissioner for Education whose responsibility it is,should remain focused and resolve not to be distracted by unruly applicants.We recommend that the 1000 teachers earlier recruited be allowed for the sake of equity, to stay and possibly be re-interviewed for absorption into the school system.They may have suffered untold psychological trauma.


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