Benedictine is the member of the order of Saint Benedict (OSB), of any confederated congregations of Monks, Nuns and Oblates who follow the rule of life of Saint Benedict. By their monastic profession, the Benedictine monks and nuns devote their entire life to search for God, promising conversion of life, obedience and stability in the community to which God called him or her. The Benedictine monks and nuns are found in every continent.
It will interest you to know that ST. Scholastica Benedictine Abbey Umuoji, Onitsha Archdiocese Nigeria is associated to the African Province of the congregation of Subiaco and through that to the Benedictine confederation since 1994. ST. Scholastica Benedictine Abbey is situated at Abidi village Umuoji in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State Nigeria, founded as the daughter house of the Abbey of ST. john the Baptist, Rome on the 17th, December 1977. As the Church continues to grow in Nigeria, some Bishops began to feel the need for the presence of monastic foundations in their dioceses. Francis Cardinal Arinze, who was then the Archbishop of Onitsha invited the nuns of St. John the Baptist who agreed to his request to begin a foundation in his Archdiocese.
The Abbey is ‘’sui juris’’ (It is an Independent monastery), entrusted to the particular vigilance of the Archbishop of Onitsha Archdiocese. The St. Scholastica Benedictine Abbey as an order has its origin from that monastic tradition of evangelical life and found expression in the Rule for monasteries written by St. Benedict of Norcia (C. 480- C. 547 AD). The Benedictine way of life is coenobitic (They live community life). The nuns seek and follow Christ under the rule and the Abbess, and have everything in common. The Abbey is totally ordered to contemplation. It is the school of the Lord’s service where Christ is formed in the hearts of the nuns through the liturgy, the Eucharist, the Abbess’s teachings and the fraternal way of life. Monastic life aspires to that interior quiet in which wisdom is born.
The nuns follow in the footsteps of those, who in times past, God called into the desert to engage in spiritual warfare, living in solitude, work, prayer and silence. Through humility and obedience, the nuns struggle against pride and the rebellion of sin. By their generous hospitality, the nuns share with their pilgrims (visitors) the peace and hope which Christ has freely given while remaining faithful to their contemplative vocation. The process of becoming a nun differs according to a particular community one wants to join. Monastic vocation begins with ‘’the call’’, which means a message from God to follow him more closely. The nuns’ life as Benedictine is a continuous struggle, an on-going formation and a continual return to the original inspiration of the monastic life which is summed up in the Rule of St. Benedict.


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