The Big Brother Naija television show is a seasonal television show which has drawn very large viewers across the country if not the world.
Nobody is sure what the reality TV show is meant to achieve but in the recent time,there have been widespread call to ban the TV show due to alleged immorality perpetrated in the show.
Recently, the Ohanaeze Youth Council, OYC, the apex youth organization in Igbo land, has urged the Nigerian government to fast track the banning of Big Brother Nigeria also known as BBNAIJA.
Addressing Igbo youths in Enugu during the week, in preparation for Ohanaeze Youth Council leadership programme to be anchored by National Directorate of Leadership And Social Re-engineering, the national President of Ohanaeze Youth Council, Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka stated that BBNAIJA is deeply affecting the fragile moral upbringing in family and schools.
Comrade Igboayaka pointed out that BBNAIJA does not have any moral background, especially at this period Nigeria youth have lost sense of societal values and norms.
“With the high rate of lack of moral values among teenagers in Nigeria, BBNAIJA is a social monster that have come to ruin the lives of Nigerian youths, mostly the teenagers who are easily carried away by social trends”
Majority of Nigerian youths are not mentally matured to be participating or watching such semi-packaged Porn programme that adds or proffers zero solution to the social problems confronting our youths, Comrade, Igboayaka stated.
Comrade Igboayaka therefore, urged the Ministry of youth and National Orientation Agency to present more reasonable Youth program(Show) that will promote value system, norms as well as intellectual formation among the Nigerian youths.
“BBNAIJA does not represent any ethnic cultural status in Nigeria, neither does it appeal to any religious status domicile in Nigeria, but it present and represent a wrong worldview about the reality of life to young and teenage Nigerians”, Igboayaka concluded.
From the observation of the Ohaneze chieftain, it behoves the authorities to do something about it and moderate the content of the TV show.
It is unfortunate that our young people,even housewives are seen falling over themselves to watch the immoral content of the TV show.
This blantant display of immorality does not represent any ones culture and has to stop.
The Nigeria film censors board has some explanations to make to Nigerians on why this show has taken this ugly shape.


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