We have another season of Christmas.It is a thing to be grateful and thankful to God.
For Christians,Christmas is all about the celebration of the nativity of Jesus Christ.
Christmas therefore is a story about the conception and birth of Jesus Christ.Celebration of Christmas has also taken many centuries of Christianity and is central to the celebration of Christmas in the Christian faith,according to bible historians.
Christmas as a period of celebration of the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ ought to be solemn and viewed and celebrated with sober reflections.
Unfortunately,those who don’t understand the meaning of Christmas view it as a time for mad rush to cheat in their business places,drink excessively and engage in other untoward and undeserving engagement.
Some have turned the Yuletide season into a time for profiteering and hoarding in order to create artificial scarcity of goods and commodities.
The level of stress and pressure induced upon ourselves concerning the Christmas celebration are unnecessary.
Some parents would want to steal to provide for their children and the family in general.
The roads and highways witness heavy vehicular traffic while many markets across the land are all of a sudden a beehive of activities.At this period,people are always in a hurry and panic buying becomes the order of the day.
Sadly,this is a period that witnesses upsurge in road accidents where people lose their loved ones.
It is therefore necessary to call and appeal to Christians not to see the Christmas season as a celebration that would never come around again.
That is the more reason why the yearly celebration should be done with moderation so we can get to celebrate it another year.
Families who cannot meet up certain demands should not bother to regret,envy others or lose their faith over what God may not have approved.It could be your turn to smile in the next Christmas.
We want to use this opportunity to appeal to the authorities overseeing the highways to repair and put the roads in motorable conditions and as well beef up security so that no one could have a reason to regret celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Trinitas wishes everyone a merry Christmas and prosperous New Year(2022).


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