Presently, the Chief Justice of Nigeria Hon.Justice Ibrahim Tanko Mohammad and the National Judicial Council (NJC) are battling frantically to save the face of the Nigerian Judiciary over recent conflicting court judgements,questionable and controversial injunctions.
Worried by the spate of conflicting orders by courts of coordinate jurisdiction against political parties and the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC),the Chief Justice of Nigeria summoned Chief Judges of six State High Courts across the country.
The affected Chief Judges invited by the CJN are that of Rivers,Kebbi,Cross River,Anambra,Jigawa and Imo State High Courts.
From the foregoing, it is unfortunate that what is playing out in our judiciary is indiscipline and rascality by the judges.It is sadly,a descent into anomy and desecration of the hallowed temple of Justice.
At the onset of President Buhari’s regime,the DSS raided premises of several judges deemed to be corrupt and their bank accounts investigated.
Some of the judges were embarrassed while some were either shown the way out or disciplined.
The festering corruption in the judiciary leaves much to be desired.
It would appear that judges as Chief Priests and custodians of the Justice system do not understand their sacred calling and importance to the society.
It is generally asserted that after God,the judges are the next who determine not only the Justice system but the general law and order of the state.
It is amazing how judges collude with the political class to procure controversial and frivolous injunctions.
With the look of things,the entire judicial system is being thrown to the dogs.This is so when judges and magistrates cannot discharge their duties with integrity.
The various stakeholders should wade into this ugly situation. We mean the Council of Judicial Education, the National Judicial Council and the Nigeria Bar Association.
In Nigeria of today where the economy bites the ordinary citizens very hard,judges are paid reasonably well.
They live in government quarters,drive good cars and enjoy many privileges which ordinarily should turn them away from corruption. That judges and magistrates who hold the keys to the Justice system where the fate of humans are determined is simply the height of absurdity.
If something urgent is not done to contain the situation, it would surely degenerate into anarchy with all the consequences starring us all in the face.


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