The traditional Prime minister of Urualla in ldeato North L.G.A. of lmo state, high chief, Sir Tony Ndubizu has expressed displeasure over the high cost of Petroleum Products, electricity tarrif and acts of banditry by Boko haram insurgents now rampant in the country.
Sir Ndubizu who disclosed this while speaking to newsmen in Onitsha lamented the incessant Petroleum Products price increase, high cost of electricity tarrif which has been rife in the present federal government administration, precipitating economic hardship on the citizenry across the country
The traditional Prime minister, Onowu Urualla noted that since President Muhammadu Buhari administration, there has been frequent price inincrease on fuel, kerosene and Gas unlike during the President Goodluck Jonathan administration which has undoubtedly impoverished many nigerians with terrible economic hardship.
Of great concern to high chief Sir Ndubizu about the petroleum products increase was the fact that the Nigeria labour congress, our political representatives and many Nigerians have not spoken seriously against the arbitrary increment inspite of its multiplier effects on the life of average nigerians!
The community leader also faulted the high cost of electricity tarrif in Nigeria in general and Anambra state in particular. He specifically condemned the Enugu electricity distribution company, E.E.D.C manner of electricity business dealings in Anambra state, alleging that Anambra electricity consumers suffer most in respect of high cost of bills in the country.
On the issue of prevailing illegal levy and taxation by touts in Anambra state which has become worrisome to motorists, traders, keke operators, house and landed property owners in the state, Sir Ndubizu called on the Anambra state government, markets and community leaders and other authorities to rise up to the challenge, explaining that a situation where criminals inundate our roads, markets and other areas for illegal collection of money is most regrettable.
He disclosed that transportation of goods, repair of stores, building of houses and other rehabilitation works now attracts unexpected levy from these roving miscreants who are not even afread of security agents while carrying out their nefarious activities. According to sir Ndubizu, the illegal levy and taxation crime is now glaring at the onitsha main market where a victim is expected to pay up to four to five stages before he or she should be allowed to carry out the intended work.


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