By Ononye VC
Teachers and pupils of the Trinity Primary and Nursery School on Wednesday held a retreat to prepare for the Christmas.
It was held inside the old Basilica Church building.
Headmistress of the school Rev Sister Theresa Ilechukwu said it was necessary to inculcate good moral values to the pupils so they can grow up with it.
Rev father Emmanuel Megwalu who celebrated the mass told the pupils in a homily to be good children to their parents and guardians and also stay away from bad friends.
Megwalu urged them to report any suspicious persons to their teachers or parents so they will not be harmed or kidnapped.
He also urged them to pray and attend masses with their parents and learn how to recite the chaplet and other catholic prayers,hymns and songs.
Fr Megwalu also admonished them saying that if they grow with the fear of God,they would not only be good citizens but would make progress in life.


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