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Following his inability to clinch a return for second tenure as United States President, Mr Donal Trump has been mired in controversies over the authenticity of the last American general election where he was beaten hands down by the Democratic candidate Mr Joe Biden.
Mr Trump rejected the results and said it was “stolen”.
With several court cases he instituted failing woefully, Trump ignited mother of all protests that led a mob to desecrate and loot the seat of American democracy at the Capitol,a scenario that was seen as unprecedented in the history of America.
Following this development, Democrats
have introduced an article of impeachment against Donald Trump for his role in last week’s deadly invasion of the Capitol.
The article filed in the House on Monday accuses Mr Trump of “incitement of insurrection”.
Democrats say a vote on the article will go ahead in the House on Wednesday unless Vice-President Mike Pence invokes constitutional powers to remove Mr Trump from office.
Mr Pence is said to oppose the idea.
“The president represents an imminent threat to our constitution, our country and the American people, and he must be removed from office immediately,” Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.
Calls for Mr Trump’s resignation, removal from office or impeachment have grown among Democrats and some Republicans in the days following the riots in Congress in which five people died.
The impeachment resolution accuses the president of encouraging his supporters to storm the Capitol building at a rally in which Mr Trump alleged, without evidence, that November’s presidential election was “stolen” from him.
The White House has dismissed the impeachment threat as “politically motivated”, but Mr Trump has made no public statements since he was banned from several social media platforms – including Twitter – on Friday.
He is due to leave office on 20 January, when Democrat Joe Biden will be sworn in as president. Mr Trump has said he will not attend Mr Biden’s swearing-in ceremony.
This is the second time Democrats have pursued impeachment against President Trump in the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of Congress.
In December 2019, the House impeached Mr Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. But the Senate acquitted him on both charges in February 2020.
No US president has ever been impeached twice.
Meanwhile, President Trump has not showed any remorse to the American people over his involvement in the issue as Democrats are vehemently pushing to remove him before 20th January day of the inauguration.
He has vowed not to attend inauguration of Joe Biden.
Trump has attracted caricatures to himself as some refer to him as the ” worst” American President while some say he is the “President of Divided States of America”.
His exit on the 20th January, 2020 is seen around the world as disgraceful.


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