Since after President Good luck Jonathan literally gave out virtually the Nigerian electricity sector to private individuals with the hope of improving the power sector,the entire scenario turned out for the worst.Since then,no cheering news has ever been heard from the power sector;not even when billions of Naira have been severally sunk into it.As at today,we are talking about trillions of Naira thrown down the drain to revamp the power sector all to no avail !Only recently,several Nigerian cities including the Federal Capital Territory were thrown into darkness after the national grid collapsed.The collapse of the national grid is the fifth time this year with it’s adverse consequences on the economy.Nigerians have had to grapple with this very sad scenario with great price and reservations.This has continued with the rising cost of living in virtually all aspects of life.Nigerians are paying for electricity at a very high cost and the absence of service.Many are paying for non supply of electricity and fuel to power their generators to keep afloat.This is a very painful development in a nation that is gradually descending to a ridiculous level.It is a signal that the Nigerian government is saying that it has no solution to this perennial disgrace.It is a shame that those in authority have no shame left in them.When a populous nation like Nigeria has no stable power to drive the wheel of it’s economy,it is in for multifarious problems leading to criminalities,economic dislocation and stunted policies.The Nigerian government tinkered with the generation and distribution sectors by handing it over to private people who do not have the wherewithal to operate the sectors.The Generation company has hardly exceeded 4000 megatts,an insignificant and unsustainable level for nearly 300 million or more Nigerians who depend on electricity.The distribution lines are not secured and always open to vandalism and theft.For the past 16 years or thereabout,the electricity sector has remained in thesame ugly trajectory,doing thesame thing and expecting a better result.The Nigerian Nation cannot continue with a chequered electricity sector that is blindly going back and forth.We recommend unbundling the sector more reasonably with the provision of micro grid system where various regions have sperate systems to avoid the total frequent collapse of the entire nation’s single and only grid.For instance,the moribond Oji power station can still be revisited to serve as a micro grid outlet.Many more initiatives to build other power stations like the Mambila in Plateau state etc. are options on the table.If the various Nigerian governments have the will to get the power sector out of the woods,the solution becomes simple.And for the existing power stations, there’s need for capacity building to sustain generation,transmission and distribution.The turbulence in the power sector is unimaginable and cannot be allowed to continue.It deserves a drastic turnaround.What a nation !


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