The World Environment Day celebration comes up every June 5 across the world.The theme of this year’s celebration is #OnlyOneEarth.According to records,the 2022 World Environment Day focuses on climate action,nature action and pollution action.The environment is what humanity share in common with animals and plants and our actions determine a lot how good or bad our biodiversity/ environment is.Unfortunately,issues affecting our common environment are not taken seriously by the various governments, institutions and individuals.This year’s World Environment Day nearly passed without notice as there wasn’t adequate awareness created to educate the people on the importance of their environment.According to the United Nations,”the progress of mankind in the last century was accompanied by a massive increase in the exploitation of natural resources,from climate change and marine pollution to the depletion of flora and fauna.”When issues of Environment arise, emphasis is always placed on sweeping the immediate environment or embarking on environmental sanitation excercise.This ignorance which limits the knowledge of citizens about environmental concerns is not in the interest of all.The poor environmental system we have generally around the country attests to the fact that we do not take our environment seriously.The complex connectivity of the network of the ecosystem and biodiversity,makes our environment very dynamic.With the environment,we can talk of how to eradicate slum settlements which are unfit for human habitation,open defecation and improper disposal of waste.We can also talk of gas pollution emitted from automobiles,generators and other engines which are hazardous to human health.There are toxic materials and plastics dumped into rivers which are harmful to aquatic lives and other marine activities.Everyone has a role to play to manage the environment better and to minimize environmental degreadation.Noise pollution emanating from neighborhood loudspeakers,indiscriminate blaring of horns and noisy music are all creations of environmental abuse.Those involved in bush burning, unauthorized felling of trees and deforestation fall within this bracket of environmental abuse.Climate change and serious issues of flooding and extreme disasters are all consequences of environmental challenges.We recommend that serious attention be paid to environmental issues and appropriate laws created to combat the menace.Where their are laws already,the various governments and stakeholders should enforce the laws to keep the citizens aware of existence of such laws.In enforcing such laws,relevant instructions should be strengthened physically and financially to be able to be diligent in discharge of their duties.We also advocate inclusion of environmental studies at primary school levels and make it compulsory subject in Senior Secondary Schools to widen the scope of awareness inorder to bequeat safer environment for our children.


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