By Patricia Osegbue/Gladys Azukaego

Onitsha, March 15, 2022 (MOI) Head, Public Management and Investigation, Anambra State Vehicle Inspection (VIO) Unit, Mr David Azubuike has cautioned motorists and road users on proper regular vehicle checks to limit road crashes.

He said this while on a sensitisation tour at St. Mary’s Catholic Church Inland Town, Onitsha on March 13, in the company of other officers.

Mr Azubuike explained that their mission was because of recent findings that most auto crashes were a result of a lack of proper information.

According to him, it is considered necessary and timely to educate road users in Anambra on where and how to regularly check their vehicles to maintain roadworthiness and limit author crashes.

He said that it was necessary for every vehicle owner to ensure that their vehicles have no problems.

Even when noticed that it has minor faults; ensure fixing it as soon as possible to avoid unexpected failures and breakdowns, which might involve human life and incur a lot of costs in monetary terms too.

While addressing the people, he mentioned some needful things to be done.

VIO Azubuike cited instances of things to check before putting cars on the road, among which include wipers. Wipers should be in proper working condition to avoid cloudy windscreens during rains.

He noted some drivers, especially commercial vehicle drivers, prefer to use clothing in place of wipers; this was not good enough as it could lead to an accident.

The VIO boss also emphasized the importance of good fire extinguishers in vehicles and a Triangular C caution

He said that a similar exercise had been carried out in Awka, the state capital and in Nnewi.


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