By Suleiman Adams

The President, Catholic Laity Council of Nigeria, Catholic Diocese of Kano, Sir Abel Mathias Ojepa KSJI has called on the Catholic faithful to understand the need to have a politician that are in love with God. He made this call while addressing members of the Catholic Laity Social Forum (CSF) on the occasion of their two days Political Awareness and Sensitization Seminar at our Lady of Fatima Catholic Cathedra Kano.
Sir Abel, as he is popularly known, says it is only when we have politicians who are in love with God that the country will achieve that most desired change, stressing that the peaceful nature of the Church as a community offers us a model to share with the world. “The Church is seen as a sheepfold of God, if we see the nation as belonging to God, then Politician will not act unbecomingly, they will care for the masses entrusted to them,” he said
Sir Abel, who is also the Secretary General, Catholic Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria, (CAMPAN) Kano Diocese also told the participants that politics must be about the people and good governance, adding that it is thus necessary that good people and the church must advocate for the establishment of structures, political structures that make a participation in governance open, and accountable.
He emphasized on the need to have Politicians in Love with God and ready to allow their faith to shape their public practices. Politicians who are people minded and not just interested in filling their own pockets. Politicians who are change agents and not bureau de change. Politicians who belongs to all the people and not just a few, their own cabal or clan, He therefore encouraged Catholic Lay Faithful to come out and participate in Politic, stressing that Politic is not a bad thing. “Politics is not a bad thing, it is those who are involved in it that are bad. Can we therefore, get good Catholics who will go into Politics, both party politics and the practice of governance?”


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