WHAT WE HAVE NOT SEEN ON THE NEWS…(I don’t think we will) THIS IS YOUR CHURCH, MY CHURCH, OUR CHURCH! FOR THIS CHURCH WE PRAY!More than 6,000 Catholic priests and nuns have stayed in Ukraine to provide shelter, food, treat the wounded, provide spiritual support and administer the sacraments. Some people have gone to confession for the first time, to be prepared for death. They even want to confess over the phone, but the priest cannot do it. Some have gone to be baptized before going to war and making their first Communion.Thousands have taken refuge on seminary grounds in two cities; the Church welcomes them and feeds them, gives them a place to sleep and wash, and spiritual support.One shell hit the residence of the Bishop of Kharkiv, but no one was injured, and there they continue to prepare meals to take to two nearby subway stations.In the diocese of Kyiv, the capital, the supermarkets are empty; there is no bread and water. The auxiliary bishop is in charge of sending what is necessary and even helps to load the vehicles with which they are distributed.Women and children, about 160, have been welcomed in a seminary; and two Catholic colleges have been converted into dormitories. Seminarians and volunteers serve them.More than a thousand convents and nuns’ houses (924 in Poland and 98 in Ukraine) help refugees and those displaced by the war.They have not seen it because this news does not appear on the news.Let us be the means of informing everyone.


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