When you take a look at my history from childhood right from my days as a kid that made the decision to drop out of school temporarily and go in search of greener pasture in order to lessen the burden on my parents, to when I became an apprentice (what we know as Nwa Boi in Igbo parlance) up till when I broke the chains of poverty at a teenage age,

Then had the presence of mind and the divine guidance to enter the institution of marriage at age 22 , you will see clearly the hand of God on my life.

You see, I have a special relationship with God and as a result made myself available as His vessel. Whatever God directs me to do; I embark upon it without question or iota of fear?

When I made the decision to singlehandedly take over the Cathedral project, I knew exactly the implication of what I was about to embark upon. Not just the hundreds in millions that it will gulp but also the spiritual aspect?

I am sure that you are not aware that at various phases during the building process I had to fast and observe certain ordinances as directed by God.

I firmly believe that the covenant I have with God is that of service to humanity and I have since dedicated my life to it and knowing also that by taking over the building of the Cathedral, I have saved several parishioners their widows’ mites that they would have expended in contributions towards the project gives me special joy too.

Many People all over the world are still astonished that as an individual you were able to take up the task of building this Cathedral, what was your driving force?

Well, like I stated earlier, I was very clear about the enormous responsibility that this project comes with. I was however undeterred because I have implicit faith in the God that I serve.

It is to the glory of that God alone that the Cathedral is today 80% completed and (moving fast) in the number of years that it has taken, especially when you compare that with the number of years that it usually takes when funded by the collective effort of the parishes under each Cathedral . My drive remains in service to God and mankind, especially Ndi Igbo. I strive to carry out legacy projects that touch and outlive generations.

That is why I have an international Stadium and upcoming games village too. I have an unapologetic inclination to come into the fray anytime any matter concerning the Igbo man is on the front burner. I believe we are a special breed and descendants of the Israelites and as you may recall, the Israelites enjoy a special covenant with God right from the days as narrated in the bible and up till today.

It is on record that you have written your name on the sands of time having built this Cathedral, how do you feel?

I cannot wait to walk into the Cathedral when fully completed and hold a special personal conversation with my God. It will be a highly fulfilling moment for me for the scriptures in 1 Chronicles 22:10, says “He shall build a house for my name, and he shall be my son and I will be his father, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.”

What is your advice and watchword to members of your constituency this new year?

I wish the good people of Anambra South Senatorial District and indeed the entire Igbo race and Nigeria a wonderful year 2022. I advise that every hand be on deck and be part of the conversation on bringing about selfless leaders as we go into the presidential and other elections of 2023.

The idea of a few deciding for the majority on who leads them needs to be disposed of into the dustbin of history.

Our people especially our youths must realise the importance and implication of taking part in electing leaders who have the requisite skills as well as the good conscience needed in driving development for the people.


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