A community leader and former President- General, Uke Community, Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State, High Chief Donatus Chukwuemeka Enendu has lamented the increasing rate of clashes between some traditional rulers and their town union President- General in the South East Region of Nigeria .He disclosed that the conflict between the two community elites if not checkmated timely could deter rapid development in the affected communities.

He revealed that overlapping of functions by either the community monarch or the Town Union President- General could degenerate and cause trouble in a community. In a chat with our correspondent in Onitsha recently ,High Chief Enendu disclosed that some traditional rulers overlap the functions credited to their position as the custodian of the people’s culture and tradition as well as the Chief Security Officer of such community.Chief Enendu maintained that even as a traditional ruler and Chief Security Officer of a community, he is not responsible for the payment of salaries of the town’s vigilante men. He stressed that rather, it was a clear responsibility of the town union leadership to pay salaries of the local vigilante. He added that in most cases, it is he that plays the piper that dictates the tune.

While urging various community elites and indigenes to consider certain qualities and propositions before electing or presenting a traditional ruler for a community, High Chief Enendu ,a one time Chairman of high- brow Trans-Nkisi Federal Housing Estate Landlords Association, 3:3, Onitsha noted that no State Government would like a candidate from an opposition party to be elected or installed the traditional ruler or President- General of a community under his domain.

He maintained that because of the notion and African mentality in politics, state Governors would always do everything possible to enjoy the grassroots support of the people for election and other political and pecuniary purposes. The community leader and member Surveyors Council of Nigeria advised that before choosing a traditional ruler for a community, indigenes and community elites should put certain things into consideration as no Government in Nigeria at the State level would allow the people freely choose their leaders without Government interference no matter how popular or salable such candidate may be.”I advise community leaders and indigenes of communities in the South East to always consider political exigencies, political affiliation, popularity among others before choosing a particular candidate for the position of a traditional ruler or President- General as the state Government might frustrate the effort of the people if not properly articulated.

“High Chief Enendu further emphasised on presenting or electing credible candidates to man the affairs of their communities.


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